Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrity Lunch Date 4

Since she was in the video from yesterday, it's only appropriate that she appears on the list today.

Kate Winslet

She just seems like such a nice person. She's not raunchy or scandalous (granted, I haven't seen any of her rated R stuff... so maybe I'm wrong). She is incredibly lovely yet, seems humble. Plus she keeps her personal life as personal as she can (as far as I can tell anyway, I mean, I'm really not one who reads up on their ["their" being celebrities] current lives. No seriously, I'm not).

I think we could have wonderful conversation. I would like to think of us as the chatty kind of friends that arrange to meet every few months or so to have a long lunch where we just blab about nothing.  Again, if she's really not like this, I don't want to know. Don't kill the dream!

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