Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebrity Lunch Date: Couples Edition 4

Today, let's just get to the point.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

stolen from here

For yeeeee-ears Tom has been on my celebrity lunch list but a year or so ago I had to rethink it. He went off on some bitter tirade about Mormons... and yeah... that would put a damper on our lunch conversation.  He made an apology, but to be honest, I don't trust Hollywood apologies. It's all about image and not about sincerity. But I think if Rita came along, she could act as a buffer and help us if the conversation started to take a political/religious turn. Plus, I love her. She's stinking hilarious.

But anyway, I hope that he is like the characters he plays, sweet, smart and funny, a little bit playful and not afraid to act like a kid.

You've Got Mail pic stolen from here

 (granted, in Big, he *was* acting like a kid... but you know what I mean)

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