Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celebrity Lunch Date: Celebrities Past

[Alright, enough break.  It's not like anyone really read the posts from the interim anyway. I guess I've come to an understanding with my blog. No one reads it- and by "no one" I mean... I look at my friend's blogs and they have dozens- sometimes hundreds- of followers- and nary a post goes by without lots of comments on it. I have resigned myself to the fact that I blog for myself. I amuse me. I go back and re-read my posts and I think I'm hilarious! So, Bakeshow, this one's for you.]

We've had celebrity lunch dates, we've had celebrity couples lunch dates- now I'm gonna list the people that I never got to meet before they parted this life.

Lucille Ball

stolen here

How awesome would it be to hang out with someone who has been called the world's funniest woman? I have always loved this lady.  From her TV shows- to her movies (the Long Long Trailer? Hello! hilarious!!!)

But she seems so much more than a funny, funny lady. I would be interested to really know her. What were her heartaches? Was the comedy a cover up for a truly broken soul? What was the method behind the madness? Seriously, these are things I would like to know.  If I was going to do celebrity couple's of the past, I would invite Desi Arnaz to come too. Just to get his side of things.

stolen here

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Amy said...

Howdy Bakeshow - so yeah, it is crazy how there are some blogs with hundreds of followers. I totally don't get it. I have been blogging for three years now and just barely broke 30. Lots of people just don't always follow publicly - you can add a blog to your RSS feed reader (or something like that) and the blogger will never know they are being followed. And it is weird because some people will almost always leave comments on every post and other people NEVER comment. But you know that they are out there... Do you have a map or a statistics app for your blog? I liked checking to see where people were coming from and when.

Also, I totally know what you mean about blogging for myself. That is really why I do it. I, too, go back and reread my blog posts and pat myself on the back for being a good writer. I'm so glad that you FINALLY got into blogging. Also, I am looking forward to some Father's Day cakes, 4th of July cakes, and most DEFINITELY a Pioneer Day Cake. You could always attempt a summer equinox cake as well on the longest day of the year. ;)