Sunday, July 31, 2011

Non Contest Winner: Kettie

Hey, I bet you thought I forgot about the rest of the Non-Contest winners, didn't you? Well, I have been thinking about you a lot. I just haven't written. My road is paved with good intentions... I wonder where it leads?

Anyway- on to today's guest of Honor... Kettie!

Kettie is awesome! 

 I can't remember exactly when I first met Kettie. She is friends with a friend so I'm not sure if it was through the friend, or if it was when I flunked out of the Singles Ward and got sent to a family ward or not...?

My first week in the Piney Creek ward in Denver, there sat Kettie. She was very welcoming and made me feel right at home.

Not long after I was in the ward I was called to be [ugh] ward camp director (any potential Bishops out there that may be reading this- don't get any ideas. Girls camp is not my favorite calling). Kettie was the ward Young Women's president- as well as in the Stake YW presidency (pulling double duty- yes, she's that awesome). I was also called as the YW sports leader. So I think it was through the YW program that I got to know Kettie the most.

Camp. What can I say about camp? Ummm... It was fun. No really, it was.  I've decided though that girl's camp is a lot more fun as one of the girls though, rather than a leader. Especially a working peon of a camp leader who can't even make it to the Saturday certifying clinics. It's a good thing Kettie was there to pick up the slack for me- even though she was already doing double duty, she helped me out as well.  Camp itself was fun.  Even our silly skit- which now, two plus years later- I don't really remember the point of, was fun at the time.

On my birthday, my friends surprised me by taking me to the circus for the first time ever in my life! Kettie was in on that, the little stinker.  Desiree had said that she and Kettie were taking me out to dinner, or some other ruse- only to drive me all over town to get me lost (not hard in Denver, I never did get my bearings there)

and then took me to the Denver Colosseum where the Ringling Brother's Circus was waiting for us- as well as a whole pack of friends that I wasn't expecting. It was awesome. Seriously.

My favorite memory with Kettie though, is when I volunteered to help her paint her house.  Oh. My.  (that is also where I first met Vern.)  We didn't mean to match our outfits, it just turned out that way. But I can't remember the last time I had so much fun painting. (Oh man, I just thought of it- I should have stolen her before and after pictures off her Facebook... oh well, too late now)

Let me tell you a little about Kettie though, other than her obvious awesomeness. She is a cyclist.  A major one- like someone who goes out and ride all over the countryside... for fun! And she climbs mountains. Why, oh why someone would climb a mountain so high that the snow never melts is beyond me. But she's pretty amazing that way. I don't think there are many impressive peaks around that she has not conquered.  And she's super musically talented and very spiritually knowledgeable It's kind of ridiculous how awesome she is. I miss her lots and lots.

Maybe one day she'll include me in one of her little getaways... of course, I'll sit at the bottom of the mountain and wait for her to come back.


Amy said...

bake-itty-bakeshow, I can't believe you posted that photo of yourself in the pioneer bonnet. that is awesome. it seriously made my sabbath. :)

Chuck said...

That's so nice! I didn't realize how awesome I was! :) And this lovely, kind, generous post helped me remember how much I miss you too. :( Thanks for letting me be a non-contest winner!