Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wanna See It Again?

So- more anticipated than the movie.. is the story of my trip! I know you've been dying inside till you got to hear about it!

Thursday morning I put myself together and headed down to Salt Lake. My friend Lisa Witt flew in from Denver just to see me and go to the movie with me! How awesome is that? She is my movie premier bestie- and when we didn't get to go to the last movie together it was really sad. So we made sure to get together this time.

Her flight was delayed so I went shopping. There is nothing that a big, fat, straight girl loves to help her shop more than a little, skinny, gay guy (oozing sarcasm) but I still managed to come up with some pretty killer deals. It was all boring shopping though- work clothes. But my rule is for everything new I have to get rid of something old. So now I have to go through my closet and decide what gets thrown out.

I picked her up at the airport and we went to check into our room and dump off our stuff.  I was so excited to play Mormon Tour Guide for her cuz I thought she'd never been to Salt Lake before- but she's been there and done all the stuff I was going to take her to- so we just drove around looking for something to do.  We randomly decided to get manicures! I think we threw them for a loop when we asked for nails with lightening bolts on them (in honor of Harry- obviously) I had to draw a lightening bolt  because something got lost in translation.

She got Ravenclaw colors- and though green is my favorite color I didn't want to do Slytherine... so I did Gryffendor.

We were both starving so we had an early dinner and headed to the Olive.  Oh Olive, How I love thee.

Then we drove by our theater to see how the line looked and though it was still early, there was quite a line so we thought we'd just go in and see what the line for the double feature looked like (we had tickets for 7.1 and 7.2)

We played the Harry Potter alphabet game- the folks next to us even got in on it a little bit.  I, Y, and X are really hard. After round one when you've used Igor Karkaroff, Yaxley and Xenophilius Lovegood- those letters are hard to fill.

Anyway, then we watched Harry Potter-ish videos. This one was my favorite.


Ahem... ok... so when the finally let us in the theater, they gave us our special edition Harry Potter 3D glasses.  Then we just had to wait for the movie to start.

It had been a very long day- and I won't lie- I fell asleep through a few parts of 7.1. I was TIRED and I've already seen a kajillion times anyway. And I'd much rather nap through the first one- then even blink during the second one.

Then... the movie. So good. I bawled. I love Snape. I just have to remind you of that. I don't want to be a spoiler though- so enough of that.

We both died that night. We were planning on staying up all night talking and giggling- but it's a sign we're aging. I was so tired!

Before long we had to say goodbye!  BOO! But it was a lovely visit though and I hope we get to do it again soon!

I'm super sad that Harry Potter is over. It's all done. No more. Kaput! But I'm glad that I got to be a part of it.  Oh- I almost forgot-

Dear obnoxious teenager that I stood next to in line- I could tell from the first word your accent was fake. And the longer you did it, the dumber you sounded. Don't ever do that again. Oh, and drawing the deathly hallows all over your arm isn't cool either. Just get it tattooed and be done with it.

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