Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Movie Treat Mix

So... I'm a nerd. I come from a long line of nerds. And one of the zillions of nerdy things that I like to do is theme things.  I have dates with my nieces and they're themed. I'm just... weird that way I guess.

So for the last Harry Potter movie release, I made a special treat mix for those in my wait-for-hours-in-line-in-the-freezing-Idaho-weather-until-the-stupid-theater-opens-the-doors group.

It's super easy and really fun!

I went to the bulk section of the candy store and got:

Cockroach clusters (peanut clusters)
Chocolate Galleons (the gold coin thingies)
Pastel Witches Hats (Non peril mints)
Berty Botts Ever Flavor Bean (the real ones- with some jelly bellies to supplement them)
and Droobles Best Blowing Gum (which I did NOT try- because I let the kids go first and when kids spit out a candy- you know it's not good)

You can also add licorice wands (good and plenty) but I think they're gross.

And did I ever tell you about the time I made Dragon Eggs and butter beer?

It was at the premier of the Half Blood Prince.

 They were fairly easy to make.

A boiled egg, wrapped in ground Italian sausage and cheddar cheese, rolled in egg yolk then breaded with Italian breadcrumbs. Then bake it for... some amount of time and some temperature..?  They were fab-yoo-luss!

I got the recipe here.

The butterbeer was a little less successful. I mean, it tasted ok, but it was so sweet that no one could finish even a mugful.  It was Butter and butterscotch (like the ice cream topping) melted and mixed together then thinned down with some cream soda (recipe found here) Tasty but sa-weet! Yowzah!


Cindy Lou said...

Your Half-Blood Prince party treats sounds very familiar...

Melissa said...

I am soooo loving these Harry Potter posts!! :) Have soooo much fun tonight! :)