Monday, July 4, 2011

Strictly American

Have I ever told you that Independence Day is my favorite holiday? Well, it is! I mean, I love me some Halloween and Christmas and stuff, but I love July 4th!  It's summertime, and there are fireworks involved. Plus, I'm incredibly proud to be American [insert Lee Greenwood song here].  I am terribly lucky to live here, and have the freedom to worship, to speak my mind and to choose my own future.  I love that I am part of a great legacy. I'm not exactly sure if they came with the Mayflower folks, but some of my ancestors were among the first settlers in the New World. Others came after they joined the church- and from there pushed west and helped settle Utah.

I'm made up of a little bit of everything.

My genes are English, Irish, Italian, Danish, German and some others...

My stomach is Italian

My preferred accent is British (witch includes English, Scottish and Irish)

But all these things mixed together make me American!  

My favorite American things:

The flag (I think it's one of the most interesting flags- and the symbolism is beautiful)

Fireworks (technically, I think these are Chinese, but the when they are for an American celebration- they become one of my favorite things)

Disney (born and bred America, you can't help but love the Mouse and his crew)

Telephones (hello?)

The Pledge of Allegiance (nuff said)

Baseball (it's been years since I've played- and I've been itching to- but it's still fun to watch other play)

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (because they are both very close to my heart)

 Microwaves (thirty second meals? Yes, please)


Our Military (they sacrifice thier lives to protect our way of life- and trying to help others have a better existance. Hooray for them- and thier families who let them go!)

 The Star Spangled Banner (the song, not the flag- cuz I already mentioned the flag- silly. I just think the words are incredibly beautiful- and when sung properly by someone who can hit the notes? Gorgeous!)

Teddy Bears (because Teddy makes everything better)


Kerri said...

I LOVE this post!

Jessica said...

Happy to be American. Also happy when which is used correctly... *Gives you the evil eye for being an English major*
*Accepts returned evil eye for being an equally grammactically challenged person*