Monday, October 5, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom

32. Ugh. I'm thirty-two. It's such a hideous number, but no where near as traumatic as the big three-oh, and that year turned out pretty awesome. 31 kinda... well... sucked, but 32, all two days of it now, is going to be great. I feel it in my bones. Hmmm... what do I know? My bones are buried so deep beneath all these stored up birthday cakes I can hardly tell I've even got bones.
I will say though, that my friends and family are quite wonderful. While visiting my family in Idaho, they all gathered before I left, had a great barbecue and celebrated my birthday with brownies and ice cream (and pie, French Silk pie- the one thing that makes my birthday complete).

Friday, back in Aurora and reality, my friend Desiree came and picked me up. She said we were going out but would not tell me anything about it. We picked up Kettie and she drove me to a part of town I'm not familiar with. As we turned to the Denver Colosseum, I saw trucks for Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus. I got very stupid and giggly when I found out that's where we were headed.

32 years of life and I'd never been to a circus.

We wandered around and looked at the animals that were outside, when we went inside to watch the side shows and get autographs (Des's idea- not mine. In fact, I made Kettie get them for me) I felt someone pinch my fanny. I turned around to glare at the fingered beast- and saw a big group of my friends! They had all planned to come and no one told me! What a super fun surprise!

The circus was good. I liked the Elephants and the Tigers. They're really just big kitties. I wanted to take one home. I have to say though- I was a little tired of they're theme song "Do Not Try This at Home." Sad that there are people in the world actually stupid enough that they feel they have to make up a song about it.

The Would-Be-Rebound-Crush was there... and reminded me why I steer clear of him. Every once in a while I need to be reminded because I tend to forget when people hurt me and start liking them all over again. It's a very annoying trait of mine. After the circus we all went to dinner. We were supposed to be going out for pie- but we all ate real food instead and never actually got to the pie. Oh well.

Saturday night a few of us gathered at Desiree's to play games and eat cake and ice cream. I got a very unexpected present from a very unexpected family. It was so nice of them to think of me. It was so incredibly thoughtful. Sunday I got to open on more gift... it was just the birthday that wouldn't quit! It was great!

So even though 32 is not the most attractive number, I'm going to do everything I can to associate it with good things. I'm going to make this a good year and by golly, I'm going to be happy. I shouldn't have to worry again till... 35.

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dedesmith32 said...

Happy Birthday Heather! I'm glad it was a good one. I turned 3-0 this year and it was tramatic for me LOL