Monday, March 31, 2014

Life lately, according to my iPad

So- I got on to post this and saw that my friend did a similar post the other day... so this one is for all the copy cats out there in the world. Thanks for the inspiration, Amy.

January marked a special birthday for my oldest nephew. The BIG EIGHT! So of course, that required an epic cake!

When I first moved in, I had another "look ma, no man!" moment. My dryer came with the wrong cord and the fix it place wouldn't... well, fix it. So they gave me a cord and made me do it myself. Which I DID! I know so many people will just say, "that's an easy fix" but for a girl who really doesn't know how to do anything, it's a pretty big deal!

Friday I went and had my hair done. Seriously- I'm not complaining... but I have so freaking much hair, it's really not fair to small, bald countries. This is what was cut off- and this is just the bulk. none of it was length (well, the tiny wet ones at the bottom of the picture were length, like maybe an inch).

Easter is upon us... and with it comes one of my greatest weaknesses: Zachary's marshmallow eggs. They're the cheapie charlie kind of candy that I can't resist. I single-handedly keep this company afloat.  It's not an addiction. I can stop it if I want to.


Melissa Ann said...

I am so proud of you doing it yourself! I would have make someone else do it!

Amy said...

Lol - I love these kinds of posts. It wasn't my idea either - I saw it on some other blog and feel like it is a good potpourri catchall kind of approach. You are awesome for figuring out the electrical cord stuff!