Monday, March 10, 2014

My Weekend According to Pinterest

My sister Kim and my mom came to visit this weekend. We partied it up real nice for my mom's birthday (and by "party" I mean we went to lunch at Leatherby's) and Kim helped me get my house put together (yes- I give all the credit of the previous post to her).

But during the times I was avoiding work saving my energy, I pinned some fun things that describe my life on Pinterest.

I haven't found that tutorial yet- but I'll die trying. Along these lines... I've just learned that my BluRay plays YouTube...

I've given up.

I'd just like to mention that I've found a new (to me) show called The IT Crowd. Frickin hilarious!

When you have a weird work schedule, sometimes this happens.

Which is why it's best to avoid it.

This is how I felt when my neighbor's invited me over for dinner. They're very nice- but meeting new people isn't my favorite thing.

and then there's this...

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