Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sneak Peek

Ok, Ok geez! I KNOW you've all been dying to see my new place! Calm yourselves... wait.. any calmer and you'd be dead. BREATHE dammit!! BREATHE!

Ok... now that THAT little drama is over...

The place is still a work in progress. I was hoping to be able to present the whole finished product to you all at once. Since I've run out of money- I can't do that and instead of making you wait another 17 years- I'll just have to do it bit by bit.

I wanted to start on the living room since that is the room I spend the most time in (especially now that I have TV and Internet! My Friday nights are booked for the rest of my life!) and the one that should anyone dare come to visit- it is the (only) room they'll see (bathroom's next).

Here is the before:

The walls were a kind of egg shell. That thing is built into the wall... I'm not going to show you what's going on on that wall yet- because it's not done- and hopefully when it is, it will be awesome!

Here is some of the after:

Isn't that clock freaking awesome!? I looooooooooove my clock! and I love sound of the tick tock tick tock. The peacock is a little something my mom created years ago and it hung in her room for my entire childhood. The fireplace is a loaner from my sister, Kim. It's really funny- looking at these pictures you can really see the difference in the wall colors- but most people when they come over (and by "most" I mean like, my aunt and cousin and three friends) can't see the difference. It's really subtle- but you can really REALLY see it in this picture- but all the walls are grey.

This is my picture wall. There are no pictures yet- but seriously, I love it so much I was dying to post these. The pictures that will go on this wall though will be stuff like my Mom's graduation photo, a picture of my Grandma in her 20's and other such awesome black and white pics.

Here is a fuller view. Isn't my rug AMAZING!?! Oh my gosh! I honestly believe in love at first sight because the second I saw this rug a few months ago- I knew it was the one for me!

Aaaaanyhoo- there is your first glimpse of my place. Hopefully it won't be toooooo terribly long before I can show you the next one.


Melissa Ann said...

Wow! it is amazing! I love it! I really like your H I might copy that but with a M cause my name is Melissa and not Heather!

Amy said...

It looks AWESOME. I love the colors and I ADORE the clock (where the heck did you get that - it is SO cool). And the rug is perfect. I wanna come visit!

Camie Marie said...

I don't think I've read your blog since January and it's the reason I even checked my own blog - to link to yours. I LOVE your walls!! And the H made me grin hugely. I'm so glad you have your own place and are feeling happy about the newness of it all!