Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A bad way to get motivated

I did something really stupid tonight. I got off work and came home all jazzed to watch Captain America on Netflix. Yeah- it's not there anymore. Jerks. HOW am I supposed to get excited for the new movie if I can't watch the whole marathon?!?


There was no other movie that I wanted to watch- so I just flipped channels. I very stupidly landed on TLC. I stopped watching TLC like, 10 years ago when Trading Spaces started getting too ridiculous (gluing moss to the walls? Really Hildy? Who does that?). I'd heard of the show My 600 Pound Life and I'd seen clips of the show Hoarders but I'd never seen either of them. I don't know why I was intrigued to leave it on that channel tonight instead of watching reruns of American Pickers, but curiosity won out.

Can I just say... Ew. Just.... ew.

 I don't know if I can shake the heebie jeebies I got watching that poor old man live in a complete infestation of roaches. I haven't seen a roach since New Jersey (Amy- you know what I'm talking about... dinners? roaches running up your leg?) and it just brought back too many creepy crawly memories.

And that woman used so many of the same excuses I use for not working out and working hard. I say I'm trying- but I know it's a half @$$ effort.

I can't say that I will make watching these shows a regular habit (because honestly I'd rather watch Star Trek reruns) but maybe every once in a while when I need a little motivation... it worked because first thing tomorrow I'm going to the gym- and as soon as I get home from work I'm scrubbing every inch of this house.

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