Friday, April 26, 2013

The Countdown

Don't worry. I promised I wouldn't do a daily cartoon countdown this year and I won't.

But I'm starting to get excited here- and I've got a seven year old cousin that I'm trying to get excited to go too! So far- she's just kinda like- meh, whatever, it's just Disneyland. She's never been there- she just doesn't get how exciting it is!!! (I seriously don't know how this kid is related to me. I would have peeeeeed my pants if I'd known I was going to Disneyland at age seven. I didn't go for the first time till I was almost twelve!!)

Anyway, to try to get her excited to go- we made her a job jar.

This way she can do extra chores around the house and earn spending money for Disneyland (of course, two days after we made this, she showed up with a jar completely full of change... I don't think the rest of the family gets the idea or understands the significance of earning your own spending money. Whatever.)

So I decided to sit down with her and make a chain countdown. I thought if she could see how many days till we go- that as it got closer and closer she'd get more excited. 

After making about three links she got bored and left- so I finished it on my own. Seriously, I'm more excited than the kid.

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