Friday, April 19, 2013

Do you see what I see?

Have you seen this video? My friend had me watch it the other day. I guess a conversation we'd had made her think of me when she saw it the first time. I in turn have had several other people watch it. (Here's the link just in case the video is not showing up here.)

Interesting? I think it's a tad bit hoaky, and I don't know just how true to life it is- becuase honestly, I think I would be nicer to myself than I think a stranger would be. I mean, I see my flaws and stuff, but I see things in myself that I don't think others see.  Well- that MEN don't see. Women see me as beautiful all the time because we're a lot nicer to each other and look more on the inside. I think if they were to let a man describe me though, the end result picture of me would look like Mimi from Drew Carey.

Speaking of men, have you also seen this video? (again, the link just in case)


Oh I love the people who poke fun at things- and yet still hit the nail on the head.

(thank you Nicole for posting this on FB so I could steal it from you)

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