Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shrek Date

Last night I had a me date (when you only ever spend time alone- it's not as relaxing and impressive as it sounds). I got all fancied and dressed up- experimented with makeup- put on my nicest outfit and *gasp* high heels- and hit the town! (I even shaved my legs! but you just don't need to know that much information so I wont talk about it) I drove downtown and parked in the best parking spot in the whole freaking city. I had dinner at the Olive- which is always lovely- but just for future reference- don't look in pity at the girl sitting by herself- no, she did NOT get stood up-sometimes a girl just goes out alone. But whatever-

The big question? Would I recommend seeing this play? Absolutely. I've been wanting to see it for a couple of years now so I'm really glad it came to town and I could go.

This is the video that made me really want to see this play.

It was seriously so cute. I was a lot like the movie- but just different enough to keep in interesting.

And you know how in the movie they make funny pop culture references to other movies and stuff? Well in this, they made references to other plays. They referenced Wicked, Lion King and Les Mis. They probably did others too- but (don't die of shock) I haven't actually seen everything so I may not have caught them all. There was still the silly potty humor- but it wasn't so crude as to make it gross.

I actually liked Lord Farquaad better than Shrek- he was just so funny and charming- I wanted to punch Shrek in the face half the time- and he freaking slaughtered the sexiest accent on earth- but I digress- it was really good. The dude who played Pinocchio was awesome. His voice must hurt by the end of a performance, all that screechy yelling and singing.

Over all it was a pleasant evening (other than the minor I'm-going-to-die-old-and-alone meltdown I had in the car on the way home) and of course the story is about a lonely beastly creature finding true love- so of course I liked it. My goodnight kiss was the Mousse cake I ate in the car while listening to my Sappy Love songs CD that I made for my brother's wedding. Very romantic- and chocolate is the lover that never disappoints.

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