Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'd apparently rather write than sleep

Why WHYYYYY am I posting so much these days? I don't know. Honestly. I have these anxiety attacks that I need to post something- and can't rest till something is written. I'm sure it's just a phase and I'll turn into one of those bloggers who goes months between posts {glare eyes} (you know who you are).

Here are some things that are going through my mind tonight:

I saw Oz tonight. What a disappointment! I've never watched James Franco- other than his really sad attempt at hosting the Oscars that one time- and now I know why. He's crap. Holy *cow* he's crap. That whole movie... just sad. I was so looking forward to it. For a long time I've been anticipating it. It had a few elements that were its saving grace. The China girl was awesome. She was my favorite thing in the whole movie. The thing that was the most worth my money- was that I saw the trailer for The Lone Ranger. That looked awesome. I love Johnny Depp.

I called my niece tonight on my drive from Idaho to Utah. A couple of months ago we were chatting about boys. She's in Middle School so I was asking about all her crushes. She would tell me and was much more level headed about it than I would have been at her age. Anyway, She asked me if I had any crushes and I was really disappointed to tell her no. So tonight I called her to tell her I have a crush on someone. I told her he was someone I occasionally see at work- not often at all- and I don't even know his name. Her response? "Well that's a nice story. I can't wait to see the movie." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ahhh... sarcasm after my own heart. I see my legacy is being carried on by the next generation.

I tried my hand at my own makeup today. When I walked into the kitchen, my niece looked at me like I was an alien. That makes me a little nervous to wear lipstick out in public. Sure, in the privacy of my own room it looked awesome- but how are people who are accustomed to my boring, colorless face going to react when I show up to work with *shocking* red lips? Should I invest in some pinks and work my way up? hmmm...

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Wendy Swore said...

I didn't know you felt like you couldn't do makeup. I always thought I was the dork who couldn't do it right. I remember you as confident and put together.
Hugs My friend,