Saturday, March 9, 2013

The makeup trials

Warning: This is a super girly post.

Even though I grew up in a household of girls, I never really learned how to do my makeup. It's been trial and error all these years. It's because of friends and roommates that I've discovered eyeliner and and blush.

When I was in Jr High I was known as "the girl with the blue eyeshadow". For reals, I was. I heard someone refer to me as that once. So since then, I've been afraid of eyeshadow. In high school I only wore foundation and mascara. Super boring.  So I've been trying to learn how to do my makeup so my face doesn't look so boring. This picture is me- last week on my Shrek date. I did it all myself and tried really hard to be fancy- but my "fancy" is still pretty basic. I need to learn how to do big girl makeup.

So tonight, my bestie, Jessica, came over with her stash of pigments, combined with mine (which I just bought out alllllll the cheap stuff I could from Ross) and tried to teach me things to do. I'm excited to try stuff on my own- on my own face- but I'm afraid I'll end up looking like a clown. So if you see me in public, and it really is too much- PLEASE let me know- because I am honestly so oblivious about this kind of stuff.

Each of these eyes is slightly different. Eyeliner vs no eyeliner, smokey vs... uhhh.. not smokey...?  She taught me (or tried) how to turn a day look into a night look. Anyway, it's fun to have someone paint on your face regardless.

We had a ton of laughs tonight. I felt so ridiculous- and then there was the "close your eyes and look up" incident. I guess you had to be there. Let's just say that I have a greater appreciation for models and the weird faces that they make at the camera. It's really hard not to laugh.

And then we tried lipstick. Folks, there will be lipstick in my future. It's been years since I've worn it- and I have been converted back!

I've never worn fire engine red lips before. Ummm... I kinda like it!

After she finished with me, Jessica let me practice on her. I made one eye look like someone had punched her- but after a lot of eye makeup remover and a few tries, I think I made them look at least decent. I don't think people would stare at her in horror if she went into public like this, would they?

Obviously I need lots and lots of practice, and I'm quite serious when I say that you need to reign me in when it is too much- but I think I have at least some idea what I'm doing... I think.

Thank you Jessica for your patience and understanding- and being a good sport about having your pictures posted!

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Granted By Tiffany said...

How Fun! You look so pretty!
I worked for Clinique in College, & would fly to training sessions twice a year, it was so fun! But then I got burned out on I'm just boring.