Sunday, June 10, 2012

Disneyland: Quite a Character... dinner

One of the best parts about going to Disneyland is seeing characters. No matter how old you are- you still get a little tingle in your spine when you see the Mad Hatter or Baloo walking down the path. Don't lie. You totally do.

The fun part about going with kids is seeing their reaction to them. I remember the very first time I went to Disneyland, Travis was about four. I remember him being enamored by the characters. This time around, Donaven was less than thrilled at meeting characters. But he's only two. So I'm sure therein lies the difference.

After we hit the road we stayed for a few days in St George with JaNiel's Gramma Betty. At 4:00 a.m. on Sunday we headed west. Well, south and then west I think. anyway...

We didn't have time to do a full day at Disneyland that day- and we didn't want to waste a day, so we started our Disney Experience at the Disneyland Hotel and Goofy's Kitchen.  The first time DJ saw Goofy... well, it was a little iffy. I think he was a little surprised to see this TV character standing across the room. Isn't he only supposed on a screen? Oren was rather indifferent to it all. I mean, he's only 6 months old so he doesn't know yet that he's supposed to be freaked out by a seven foot dog dressed as a chef.

This is the look on DJ's face the first time he's seeing Goofy. You can see he's a little unsure about this whole business.

When it was our turn to meet Chef Goofy, DJ wanted nothing to do with him. You can see he won't let him out of his sight for a moment and he really, really didn't want to be that close to him.

Once we were seated and eating, the characters started making the rounds to our table. DJ of course had no problem charming the Princess Aurora.

But the second Chip came bounding cheerfully to our table, DJ came Un. Glued. He crawled on his daddy's lap and held on for dear life. Trav said he was shaking so much. He was so scared!

Oren was just like, "Whatever, a giant rodent in a apron. Nothing to see here folks, move along."

The next character to come to our table was one I've never seen walking around. Rafiki! So I had to get a photo of him. Awwwww....

By this time, DJ was wary of what might come up behind him. JaNeil got him calmed down enough to sit in his stroller with his back to everything.  So when Baloo came over, we gave him the "Don't let him know you're there look." He understood and very quietly posed for a picture and signed our books.

But DJ is no dummy. He realized there was something happening behind him. And when he looked. He freaked.

After that he didn't trust us. He knew there was action behind him. Pluto also knew to be stealthy.

It was funny because after Pluto wandered to the other side of the restaurant DJ kept saying, "Puppy? Puppy?"

When Aladdin popped by it wasn't so bad, but I'm pretty sure DJ was spent by now. He looked very mistrusting when Al stooped for a photo.

I can't say I blame him. Aladdin looks a little uh... like "he's taken one too many hits from the snake."
But I had a good conversation with him. We discussed the location of Agrabah vs Chubbuck and the pros and cons of traveling via camel and carpet.

Just before we finished out our dessert(s) Chef Goofy made a quick round of the tables.  He noticed my Maleficent purse and was quite appalled that I had it. He picked up my butter knife and made to impale my purse when I quickly explained I was a good guy and that Maleficent was being held captive in my bag. Much like Jafar in the Lamp.  He gave a great sigh of relief and together Goofy and Aladdin left our table.

Then I zipped up my purse so Maleficent couldn't get out. Oopsy. 

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