Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'll be the Boo Boo to your Yogi

This one's for Amy.

Yesterday I did something new. I'm sure it's not a secret that I've been having some back issues the last month or so. Probably longer, but they got pretty bad there for a while. I'm pretty much back to normal, but I talked to a trainer and she's going to help me loosen up my back muscles and open my spine (sounds painful to me...)

So today she taught me a few yoga moves. It wasn't a class setting. Just her and me. But in the middle (and when I say "middle", I really mean "back corner"- but it was a crowded corner) of the gym. Have I ever talked about how much I *love* having my giant arse up in the air while people are around? Oh, and let's throw in a loose fitting shirt that respects the law of gravity and hangs down so that everyone behind me can see any secrets I try to keep hidden.

That's when I turned my back to the wall. That was a little better. I don't know the names of the positions she had me doing. Most of them felt pretty good- nice and stretchy. I like stretching. Some of them hurt like someone was trying to break my bones! (I found the problem area!) I know one I did was downward dog. Huh... who knew that my hands and feet could touch the ground at the same time? It hurt like hell- but I did it. I did some kind of cat stretch and then a few where I felt like a twizzler- straight up and down but all twisted up and then a little bendy from side to side.

It was one thing to do those with a trainer. We'll see how I do on my own. I may have to stay home for that portion of my "work out".

How I think I look doing Yoga

How I actually look.


Granted By Tiffany said...

Hysterical! Love it & you! Seriously, pitates, yogas much cooler big sister is what saved me from being completely miserable whilst prego. It really goes help to loosen the right things and tighten up others. Hopefully it will get you feeling right again. Keep up the good work friend!

Amy said...

I LOVE IT! Baha - thanks for blogging just for little ol' me. One of the reasons I like yoga in the classroom setting is (depending on where you go) they usually keep most of the lights off so it is pretty dark and everybody avoids eye contact. hahahaha. Seriously, good for you for being brave and trying it! And for reals, I am still flabbergasted by the number of commenters on FB who started singing the praises of pilates which is NO FUN. Yoga is SO MUCH BETTER.

Melissa Ann said...

Hahaha I know I look like that too!