Monday, September 17, 2012

Get With the Times!

I have been accused of being a fuddy-duddy. Of not being Jiggy wid it (and the fact that I use that phrase, I've been told is proof of said accusation)

I have a dinosaur phone. It doesn't have a touch screen and *gasp* you have to push buttons to turn it on!!! [[the horror!!]]

But there are a few other new fangled terms and things that I admit, I'm just not caught up on.

For starters:
  • I# don't# understand# the# use# of# hash# tags# (I've only just learned they're called that now. I always called them pound signs, silly me) I# guess# they# have# something# to# do# with# the# Twitter# (which I've never been on) and# I'm# not# entirely# sure# of# their# purpose.# I# only# know# I# get# really# tired# of# seeing# them# everywhere#. (and ### to grow on)

  • I don't know who the Kardashians are or why they are famous. Seriously (please don't judge me) when I first heard there was a show called "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" I thought the Star Trek people had made a mock series about a Cardassian family. I was judging everyone for saying it wrong, thinking I was all superior because I knew how to pronounce Car-Dass-ee-ann instead of all the idiots who pronounced it Car-DASH-ee-an. Even Google doesn't know. If you type in "Cadassian Family" in the search, it comes up with a pictures of an old Olympian and a bunch of chicks with majorly fake boobs and/or tans. 

  • I'm still not entirely sure what Bath Salts means. I looked it up and someone eating someones face... what? 

  • Going back to TV, I don't know what/who a Snookie is and what is her situation. I know it has something to do with New Jersey which... after have spent some time there... Nah... I'm still confused. And why do I care if she's pregnant?

  • Also, why do I want to watch (which I don't) a show about a pregnant 16 year old? Is it supposed to scare teenagers? or does it glorify bad parenting (on the part of the 16 year old's parents- her bad parenting choices I imagine go without saying).

I do watch TV. I do. I just... I guess I just don't understand how these things hold enough of an interest that people actually watch them. But then, I've thought that about shows like Survivor and the Bachelor (et al) for years.

I'd much rather stay in my cozy corner of Rom Coms and Disney movies, listening to audio books instead of the radio and watching stuff on Hulu or DVR rather than get anti-educated by commercials. If that's the case, get me a whiskey and a maraschino cherry with a twist because I'm Old Fashioned.

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Cami said...

Haha you are sooo old fashioned! But seriously, I completely agree. People or ideas are famous when they shouldn't be. Hashtags are dumb. The only thing I know about Bath salts are what I've read in KSL about a guy and his wife who were high on bath salts making some sort of crazy pact... and MTV is still dumb. Has been since I was a little girl.