Monday, September 10, 2012


I am a jinx. There is no other way to say it. I discover a product/show/store, they stop making it/carrying it/close. Every. Time.

Some of my more mourned ill-fated favorites are:

The store Anastasia's Closet. A quaint Victorian-esqe store at Gardner Village.

I went shopping today at Gardner village and they're gone. :(. I've never bought anything at that store because I don't have a home to decorate- but I sure love uh... loved... to go look at things. I was going to buy myself a cameo for Christmas. Not now I guess.

NBC's Awake. Starring the absolutely yummy Jason Issacs.

I don't watch cop shows. I just don't. But this one looked really interesting so I got myself vested in it- never missed an episode... then learned it was being cancelled. Stupid NBC!!! You leave crap like Smash on and take off the show I like? Rude!

Ben and Jerry's Bovinity Divinity. White chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate ice cream with little white chocolate and fudge cows mixed in.

I ate this stuff by the bucket loads (almost literally) and it's now in their graveyard of ice creams past. Yes, they actually have a graveyard.

Ben and Jerry's Fossil Fuel. Ice cream with little chocolate dinosaurs, cookie chunks and a swirl of chocolate fudge

This was my replacement for Bovinity Divinity but it also became extinct (did you see what I did there?).

Ben and Jerry's Marsha Marsh Marshmallow. (Now masquerading as "Smore's") A groovy ice cream with all the smores fixin's built in. They changed the name- and every store I've searched for the last five years doesn't carry it. It didn't say it was in the graveyard list- but I sure can't find it. I guess something suddenly came up.

I am almost afraid to start liking anything new. It never seems to last very long.

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Nick & Tiffany said...

I LOVED Bovinity Divinity too!
Super Target has Smores (at least in Okie they do) Good Luck finding a new flavor - mine are chocolate therapy, fish food & 1/2 baked...