Sunday, September 16, 2012

Decoy Bride

It's been a long time since I've seen a movie that I've liked so much that I watch it two days in a row. Last night I was playing on Netflix trying to find something to kill time when I came across this little beauty.

It's not a big budget film. It's not an instant classic masterpiece. But boy, it sure is a cute movie and just makes you feel good and have the giggles... and then sighhhh....

David Tennant (who most people know as The Doctor- but I know as Barty Crouch Jr) is engaged to marry a Hollywood super star. And somehow things just keep going wrong with the secrecy of the wedding plans. So they end up on a remote Scottish island. Enter Kelly Macdonald (The voice of Merida [she also plays Helena Ravenclaw]). All kinds of Rom Com shenanigans ensue and it all adds up to a cheesy, totally predictable, really cute movie that, oh yes, I will be buying so I can watch it over and over even once Netflix takes it off it's watch instantly playlist.

Hand's down- best line of the movie: "My whole life flashed before my eyes... halfway through I got bored."

I also love that she drops the phrase "flippin' heck." I thought that was just a Utah/Idaho thing. Ha!


Melissa Ann said...

Oh My Heck! Kenna bought this for me cause I loved it so much!

Melissa Ann said...

I think my favorite line is "I am a lot hotter then I look"