Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Movies

Since it's Labor Day I thought I'd "celebrate" it by watching movies about people who work. Ha!

The first movie I watched- I just love this movie and I bet 99% of you have never even heard of it, let alone seen it.

The Shocking Miss Pilgrim starring Betty Grable and Dick Haymes. It's set in 1870 Boston (which, oddly enough I had a dream I was in Boston last night... maybe it's a sign I need to visit).

Miss Pilgrim has just graduated from Typewriting school in New York City and is sent to prim and proper Boston for work. She's a total sensation because she's the first woman in the city to have a job in an office and immediately gets sucked into the local chapter of the women's suffrage movement.

I don't know why this movie isn't more widely played. It has a great message about equality and the woman's right to work- if she so chooses. I also think women who are brave enough to stay home and raise their kids are pretty amazing too- but at least it's now a choice and not a social convention.

Anyway, this isn't really meant to be a political soapbox of any sort. I just really like the movie, it has some snappy songs and some pretty funny moments. Also, Mr Haymes is pretty easy on the eyes and ears.

(It's also the screen debut of Marilyn Monroe- I bet you five cents you can't find her in it. But she's there!)

Speaking of Betty and Marilyn. Have you ever seen How to Marry a Millionaire? This one also stars Lauren Bacall. Three girls living in New York working as models and trying to catch rich hubbies... Hilarious! Seriously. You need to watch it.

I grew up on both of these movies- and I crave to watch them. Good clean fun, says I.


Melissa Ann said...

HOly Cow! Want to watch the first movie and love the seconded!

Cami said...

Guessssss what?! I've totally watched that movie! Yeah! It's been sooo long. I remember starting "How to Marry a Millionaire" once, but I can't remember the end. So either we had to turn it off early or I fell asleep. Either way, I'm sure I could watch it again!