Sunday, September 2, 2012

At the end of the day

  • My three favorite words to say are: "Log me out" That means I'm going home from work. 12 hours is a really long day- no matter how good a day it's been.
  • I love taking my shoes and socks off first thing when I get in my room. Ahhhhhh......
  • As much as I love my necklaces and earrings- it sure is a nice feeling at the end of the day to take them off and put them back on my pathetic little jewelry organizer.
  • I love sitting on my bed. I just got an awesome new mattress pad for my bed so not only is my bed ridiculously high- it's terribly comfy.
  • I love looking at Facebook. I get a teeny bit sad when I don't have any notifications. Makes me feel like no one loves me. On the other hand, I get super annoyed when I do have notifications, and they're just invites to play stupid games or other people's comments on a status I commented on.
  • I like washing my face and brushing my teeth. It's just a good feeling to be clean. The toner I use always makes my greasy skin feel nice and fresh.
  • I love putting my hair in pig tails. My hair is rather short and curly right now- so when I put it up to get it out of my face, I look like a Who- or a Fraggle- with a little pom pom on my head.
  • I like the sound of silence in the neighborhood. Utah has some super awesome crickets and they are LOUD. I love that things are quiet enough to hear them. It reminds me of sitting on my grandma's porch when I was little.
  • I love writing in my journal. I haven't missed a day in over 10 years. Most of the time I don't have anything to say- but I write nonetheless. Sometimes it's just a paragraph. Sometimes it's a page and a half. Mostly it's travel log. It's a rare gem to get real insight and true emotion. THAT has to be a special day (be it good or bad)
  • I don't like being cold (bad BAD snow!) but I love the late summer/early fall when I can leave my window open at night and still curl up in my blankie.
  • I love to read in bed.
  • I love sleep.
I woke up in a super good mood today. And oddly enough, it's lasted all day long! A couple of people accused me of being a grouch at work- but that's just my natural expression. I tend to scowl when my face is at rest. sorry folks. I'm actually quite happy today- for no reason what so ever.

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