Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Wedding of the Century

It's Royal Wedding Week here in Bitter Harpy land.  Why? You ask. Well, seriously, if you're asking that, then you must live under a rock.  But because I'm *soooooo* nice I'll answer. It's because of these two:

Seriously, who isn't rooting for them? Considering his family's marriage record, and the fact that she is a "commoner" I truly hope that they are happy. From what I've seen they do actually appear to be in love and happy about getting married. It doesn't seem forced or contrived like Charles and Dianna did (I was only three years old when they got married, but I still remember watching it on TV) but one can never completely trust the way media puts a spin on things. So for thier sakes, I wish them every happiness.

Ok, so because I'm happy for them (and not at all jealous, thereby trying to shift even the smallest amount of attention to myself) I am going to post something everyday that has to do with either royal wedding stuff, or at least the UK. So come back everyday for something new!

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Wendy Swore said...

I remember the wedding too, and my mom bought a candy dish with Di and Charle's pictures that I used to play with. I cried when she died. I hope this gal turns out to be as cool as Di was. This kid deserved a bit of happiness in the marrage depertment.