Friday, April 22, 2011

Non-Contest Winner: Amy

She was the one, the one for me: Casebolt-y

I've been pretty excited to write this post.
Not that it's not exciting to write about the rest of you, I just have a lot of really good stories with Amy. In fact, it's going to be difficult narrowing this down to keep it less than an novel.

First, if you look to your left, you'll see a little picture of Amy and her husband, Paul (I'll explain that later).

Amy. Amy Amy Amy. Oh how I love this girl. We met our first day at the MTC. We'd both been called to serve in the New Jersey, Morristown Mission and left the same day.  It was funny because I'd actually heard of her before I went. You see, we were both living in Pocatello at the time of our missions (I'd say we were both from there, but we're not. She's not from anywhere. She's moved a zillion times in her life and is a child of the country, not one particular place). Her great aunt is actually in my home ward and I've known her since I can remember. Small world.  Anyway, when we met at the MTC, I think we instantly liked each other. Well, I liked her. I'm not sure if she liked me right away. We would go to classes and she was so serious and solemn. I was talkative and silly.  We had a "companionship inventory" one night and she told me I need to conduct myself with quiet dignity. I probably did need that advice. But I told her I fully intend on enjoying my mission and having fun and that she needed to loosen up a little. She did. A lot.

I was so glad that we were going to the same mission. I would have died without her. Our MTC roommates did not get along. At all. It made me really appreciate the wonderful companion I'd been assigned.  Once out in the field, I struck gold again. In most missions a companionship lives alone. Our mission was so small and expensive that they grouped a couple (or more) companionships together. I was lucky enough to be assigned to the same apartment as Casebolt. We had different trainers but it was nice to have a comforting face to come home to. She really struggled at first. Neither of us had ever seen living conditions quite like that. We adjusted though and learned to be grateful for what we had, and make fun of it even if we couldn't imagine it away.

Sis Casebolt was there for me during all the hardest time of my mission ie; being trained- and training a greeny. Most people when they leave the MTC rarely see thier MTC companion again unless at meetings or going home.  We spent Nine of our 18 months as mission roommates. It was heaven. She was always there for me to talk to and make me sane again.  One time, I really needed a break from my greenie, we decided to go on "exchanges." Her companion took my companion and she and I went together. Instead of going to my area and working, we went to the Olive Garden. I needed that. I *sooooo* needed that. On my ugly days she'd do my hair and make me feel less ugly.

On my 25th birthday (the first one) she knew I was having a hard time, so she made me less ugly as best she could, and the four of us (she and I and our comps) went to the woods and took pictures with all the fall leaves. It was really fun. It was beautiful. And it really helped make that day a pleasant memory when it had all the potential of being a disaster (I was 25. A quarter of a Century! Single. Officially an Old Maid [according to Idaho/Utah standards] and with a companion who was enough to drive anyone to drink).

Those last couple of paragraphs make us sound like we were not hard workers. Quite the contrary. She was an amazing missionary. Once, we had a mission-wide competition for discussion memorization and she won for the English speaking part. She stressed herself out so badly that she gave herself a pinched nerve in her neck. She was a mess, but she still won!  That is just a smidgen of her competitive side.

There are also lots of awesome memories of dinner appointments. Amy hates carrots. Hates them! (which made doing this last year so much fun) When we'd go to the Kastello's house and have curry, Sis Casebolt would pick out her carrots and give them to me. We'd often go to Leez's house for dinners. And several others (I'm horrible with names now! I can't remember anyone!).

After the mish she went to BYU, got married and graduated from Law School (all at the top of her class, I'm sure. She's amazing like that), and traveled the world (of which, I am quite jealous). I talk about Amy all the time. If you don't recognize the name, it's possibly because I refer to her often as "my perfect friend." She's beautiful. She can sing, play the piano, dance (BYU ballroom team). She's incredibly intelligent. She travels the world, she has an amazing, talented husband (also an attorney) who loves her so much. She is a hard worker, driven, motivated. She finds time to read, run, cook, bake, go to the temple often, do her callings, hike, explore the places she lives. There is nothing she can't do. It's disgusting. Really.

And now she's working on adopting a baby.  Read here and here for the news on that. I couldn't be more happy for her. Heck, I would want her to adopt me if she could. She and Paul will make incredible parents.

Amy, I hope none of this infuriates/embarrasses you. But you really are amazing. I'm blessed to count you one of my besties. I love you! I miss you!


Amy said...

BAKESHOW!!! This post is so sweet! I love you SOOOOOOO much! Really, seriously this made my day. And thank you for not posting the New Year's Eve photo - yikes. :) I'm so lucky to have you as...whatever we are...more than friends.

me said...

I love this. :)