Thursday, April 14, 2011

Non-Contest Winner: Julie

It's been a while since I've done a Non-Contest winner. So I thought today would be a good opportunity to do one. When I found out who was next in line- I got excited. JULIE!? I Luuuuuuv Julie! I miss Julie

I met Julie nearly four years ago. I moved to Colorado and joined the Maplewood ward. Julie was already an integral cog in the workings of the ward. I couldn't even tell you what her calling was- but she was In.Volved.

If I remember correctly- the first time I really got to know Julie was when she had a Wii party at her house. She lived down the road and around the corner from me so I walked to her house. There was a big crowd of people there- people I did not know. And I felt a little out of place. I'd seen a wii before but I'd never played it. So I watch people play- then I got into and started to play too. That did it. Julie, you ruined me. I love the wii.  That party was one of the first social functions I went to- and learned people's names and kinda made some friends. So thank you,  Julie for inviting me. 

As time went by, Julie and I got to know each other a little better. She is quite the athlete. She is the one who got me playing- and loving- golf. She and Laurette took me to my first three par course and let me use their clubs. I need to get myself a set so I can play. Often times she would organize a group to go to the driving range or a three par. Sometimes there were groups that went to the real golf course- but only once was I involved in that. She and Laurette organized a "big" tournament.  There were three or four teams of at least three players- mostly four players. We played a round of best ball. It was the first time I'd played on a real golf course. I suck incredibly at golf- but it was sure fun. Afterward we all went to dinner.

She is involved in Relay for Life and recruits everyone she can to participate in the relay. I'm really sad that I can't be there this year. It's always really fun. I'm sure I'll be involved in the one here- but I'll miss out on being on "Julie's Team."  She is a major organizer and always has fun activities planned. It was another great way for me to get to know people. It's amazing how much there is to talk about when you're walking around and around and around and around and around a track in the middle of the night (granted, I never stayed over night- but I would go and put at least a few miles in for the team). I not only got to know Julie better, but some other folks who turned out to be kindred spirits.

There was a year there where Julie disappeared. She left her comfort zone in the good ol' US of A and worked for a year in Kuwait. It was fun to read her blog and see what crazy adventures she was having in the blistering heat and desert. A few times I would catch her online and we would chat briefly. Her night was my day and we couldn't talk long- but even to talk a little was good. It was better still, when she came home.

Along with teaching me to like golf, Julie is a KILLER tennis player! During the summers she organized a group every Thursday to play tennis. You could be professional- or beginner. She didn't care. She'd play with you- or teach you how  to play. Tennis is a game I've always liked- but never played well. I'll tell you my secret now {whispering} my backhand s.u.c.k.s. but Julie is the picture of patience. I think she just wanted people to play with. That first summer I was religious about going to tennis on Thursdays. Then- I don't know what happened, the next summer I got really lazy and always found reasons not to go. Which was a huge shame because once I started going again I realized how much I loved it and I was mad at myself for wasting those opportunities to play with her.

Then there was that one time. [Really, Julie. Did you think I'd forget? Seriously?]

I beat her.

We played a full set and I won!

Ok, the real story (here I go humbling myself again) was that I suck. And to take it easy on me she was practicing her real serve- the put a rocket behind it- serve. And I basically won off of missed serves. It was not because of anything extraordinary I did. It was because she was using the time to better her own skills instead of dumbing down to play on my beginner level. So even though I spread the news far and wide that I beat her- it was not a legitimate win... but I'll take what I can get. I won! HA!

We are so different. She's a hiker- I'm not. She's a runner- not I. She's a snow-shoer- I prefer to be warm. But she helped me learn so much about things and made them fun. Even bowling was an adventure with Julie. We are working on perfecting the sport of synchronized bowling. It will be an Olympic event. seriously. watch for us.

Anyway, Julie, Dear Julie. I miss you. You were the source of 89% of my physical activity- and now I have none. No volleyball- no tennis- no golf. heck, I don't even have a wii to play. I hope if things ever work out that I get to move back to Colorado that you'll still be there- planning activities for lame-os like me who need go getters like you to get them off thier butts.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post Heather! It was great to walk down memory lane and all the fun times we've shared. I definitely think you need to come back to Denver- you are missed!

Oh, and by the way, you did beat me fair and square!