Monday, April 25, 2011

Hollywood Royalty

Since I can't actually go to Ireland on St Patrick's day, or to the North Pole on Christmas, I watch movies to make me feel like I have a stronger part of the experience. The same goes for the wedding of Kate and Wills (we're on a first name basis), since I can't be there physically, I'll watch movies about it (or as close as I can get).

We'll start off with this one:

I don't care what the critics thought of it. I adore this movie. And even though the made the prince from Denmark, I highly suspect he's based largely off of William.

Then I'll probably watch:

Which leads me to watch:

Because this is the one that is A) actually about a royal wedding (of sorts) and B) it refers to Prince William.
[I can't watch a sequal without watching the first one too]

If after all of those I have the time, I'll see if I can squeeze in:

I don't own this one though, so if it's not available for instant play on Netflix, I may have to watch:

Which would not break my heart. I love this movie. I'd watch this version over t he Emily Blunt one anyday.

Plus, they're his great great great grandparents- so it's family. And weddings should include as much family as possible... right?

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Feliza said...

I love the Prince and Me as well. I was disappointed that they didn't have the same people for the second one, but I was o.k. with that. After that, they really should have stopped!

I love the Princess Diaries movies too. They make me laugh and cry. Good choices, since you can't be there in person.