Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big BIG News!

Are you ready for it? Are you ready? Seriously, are you ready?

Hey! You in the back! Are you ready!?

{Trumpets sounding}

I've started a Blog!!!!

[whispering in the crowd]

ummm... Bakeshow, we thought you already had a blog...?

Well, now, yes. I do have a blog of sorts. I suppose. No one reads it, but I have one nonetheless.  The new blog I'm talking about it is a cake blog. I feel weird posting all my cake pictures on Facebook (not that it's going to stop) and a couple of people have suggested I start a cake blog. Since I like to talk about cake- and myself- what better way to do both at the same time than write a cake blog about MY cakes? It's brilliant, I tell you BRILLIANT!


You may proceed to said blog at this link and if you would be so good as to follow it, it would really boost my ego. (plus, I am a follower so that the link will show up on *this* blog and it just looks stupid that I am my only follower).


Heather said...

OK, So, besides the fact that you just called me a "no one" (because I read your blog) ;) I'm excited! Now, I will go check it out. Love ya!

Jill said...

I love cake blogs. I also read your blog, or maybe peoplein Montana don't count :)