Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Disney Birthday!

I said on a Facebook status that a mediocre day at Disney still beats a great day in the real world. And it's true. It's even better when one of those days is your birthday!

If you go into any store in the resort and tell them it's your birthday, they give you a pin (it's also the same for anniversaries, other celebrations and first time visits).  It's kind of fun because random people will wish you a happy birthday and nearly every cast member you meet.

 I had a challenge from a friend to keep track of the happy birthdays that I got- over the three days there I got... well... I stopped counting after 100. I felt sufficiently birthday-ed.

We had lunch at Cafe Orleans and I got a free birthday beignet. It had sprinkles and a candle and everything. And it was a total surprise- which was totally awesome!

I almost bought myself a little birthday gift- but logic won out and I didn't get it. But I'm not gonna lie- I really really want it and I kind of regret not getting it- so if any of you are heading to Disneyland anytime soon- let me know. Because I may have you pick up this little bauble for me. Even if I never actually wear it- it'd be a lovely addition to my living room decor.

 I'm quite serious. If you're going- let me know. Anyhoo- It was a lovely three day birthday. I'd do it again.

And for anyone who is counting- only three more years till my trip to Greece for my induction as goddess of the VL Club!


dedesmith32 said...

I'm going in 59 days :) want me to pick it up?

Camie Marie said...

My son is going to Disneyland on Monday with a friend. I'm sure my friend (the Mom) would pick something up for you. ;) Happy Belated!