Friday, October 31, 2014

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

What a Halloween this has been. Oy vey. It seems that running around like a maniac on Halloween is my new tradition. I did it last year too. Last year Melanie and my mom were in town. Mel had an appointment at the cancer center and afterward I dragged her all over tarnation looking for stuff to be a mime. Do you know how hard it is to find white makeup ON Halloween night? Not easy.

My mom is a very unconventional princess. She wore her tiara like a visor. The nut.

Anyway- today. I finished the wedding cake I was commissioned to make (check it out!) and then hit the road to deliver it. It was to be delivered to Lehi. She gave me her address and I put it in my map thingy on my iPad- it's never led me astray before.

Do you sense where this is going? Yeah... I didn't know where I was going either.

My GPS gave out somewhere around Bluffdale- which is stupid because I wasn't lost at that point. Once I hit Lehi though- I had Nooooooooooooooooooo idea where I was and as handy as the grid system is, if a city is not laid out accordingly, then it's not easy to follow. Plus I was stopped at several school zones and I don't think anywhere in Lehi allows you to driver over 25 mph, so the going was slow as it was. What should have been a 33 minute drive turned into about an hour.

I eventually found her house (with her help) and got the cake delivered and set up. She laughed and said, "Hey! now you know where I live." I replied, "I have no idea how I got here. I would never be able to find it again." When I took my leave, she said, "Ok, now you take a right here, a left at the stop sign and you'll go down a big dip and eventually come to the freeway."

Sounds easy enough right? I have *NO* idea how it happened... but I ended up in freaking Eagle Mountain on the other side of Utah Lake. If you don't know what I'm talking about. Look at a map. What was funny was I had my mom on the phone with me and she also had no idea where the heck I was. It was so ridiculous. I finally stopped and asked for directions and his directions were horrible. So again, what should have been a 33 minute drive turned into and hour and half. It should have taken me and hour there and back to deliver that cake and it took me freaking three hours. Ugh.

Other than being deliciously funny- the only good thing about getting lost was getting to drive through town and see all the kids trick or treating up and down Main Street. There were some super cute costumes! I love it when people are creative. And the kids were all so cute! I saw a banana, an angry bird and little red riding hood skipping down the street.

Aaaaaaaaanyway. I had a lot of things planned for today that totally didn't happen because I lost all those hours. I stopped at my aunt's house for a bowl and chili and someone to dump all my woes on. I had decided against going to my ward trunk or treat party- but once I got home, I hurried and threw on my mime outfit and went to the church. I got there just as everyone was driving away.

So I came home to pass out candy to trick or treaters instead. I only had one group and they were really mean boys who honestly I should have turned away, especially when one shouted out "Give me more than one!"

I gave up after that. I sat here- all dressed up with nowhere to go. A lonely, pathetic mime.

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Melissa Ann said...

Ah man! It is times like this I wish we lived closer! We could have had a party!