Saturday, October 18, 2014

40 More Days

A couple of weeks ago I saw this article and posted it on my FB wall- if you haven't read it yet- go read it and then come back...

Welcome back.

It's been a while since I've complained about updated you on my online dating (pa-tooie) experience.  I feel almost exactly the same as that girl. She took the thoughts from my head and wrote them down before I could get the chance.

I have to admit though- there have been a couple of people I've communicated with. There was one guy who could only communicate through "smiles" (pre-written one liners meant to break the ice). I would reply with my own words in an email- trying to start an actual conversation, he would reply with another smile. That's the only way he'd ever communicate. After a while I just wanted to slap his face and say USE YOUR WORDS!  but instead, just stopped responding. Smiles and Sparks are for breaking the ice. The ice was broken. Now you're just sitting there making the ice chunks smaller.

Then there was the guy who was really, really sweet- but not at all what I am looking for (and if you bring up the "beggars can't be choosers" argument like the a-hole in the comments of the above article, then you are a jerk. Because I'm am not begging. Why should I have to lower my standards just because I'm alone? I do not need a man that badly).

Then there was the one who wrote a funny, flirtatious comment, I wrote back... and that ended up being a really fun conversation over the course of a couple of weeks. This guy...? seriously. He could carry on a conversation, acted interested, could write a coherent sentence with proper punctuation... something I'd never come across before. To be honest- I would have given him my number that first day and gladly met up with him (and if you know me at all- you know that's a pretty big deal).

I'm not entirely sure what happened there, but in the middle of the conversation he just disappeared and never came back. Huh... ok. I don't know if it was something I said...? Or maybe he met someone...? Or could feel in his spidey senses that I had actually started talking about him with friends and that was just completely unacceptable..? It just seemed so strange to me that he was suddenly gone. Oh well, I guess. Good thing I didn't get too attached. I only have to regret getting a little too excited when I saw something in my inbox.

All that being said, this whole thing was only to last six months anyway. I paid for six months. Six months is all I'm paying for. I can get rejected by all the men in the world for free. I don't need to pay for it. So today I was checking the settings of my account and I unchecked the auto renew button. So in 40 days my account will be inactive.

Soon after, I noticed that I had a something in my inbox. My Pavlovian response is still to hope it's from him- but of course not. It was a letter from the administrators of the site sending me this guilt riddled letter:

Dear Heather,

This message is confirming you have turned off the auto-renewal of your subscription.

After your account expires on 11/27/2014, you will no longer have the ability to communicate with other members of this (pa-tooie) website. That means no access to email, instant message, or any of the other subscriber-only features that ultimately lead to finding and meeting God's match for you. Many of our success stories have started because of a single email or IM conversation and these options will no longer be available to you once your subscription expires. 

To ensure you do not lose your subscriber-only communication privileges, log in and click on the upgrade link at the top of the page and follow the steps to re-enable your subscription.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The Team at the online dating (pa-tooie) website

Ahh... All I have to say to that is

If  God needs this medium to introduce me to my "match"- then He has 40 days in which to do it. Because after that, I'm done with it.

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