Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Disney Halloween

Ok- buckle up for the bazillion pics I'm about to post. about 20 years ago I went to Disneyland at Halloween-time but they didn't decorate at all like they do now. It was so fun to see the park all decked out for the holiday!

They had a Day of the Dead display set up in Adventureland. The items they had on display were really interesting. I think Dia de los Muertos is a very fascinating holiday.


These guys were just fun. You could almost hear the music they were playing.


Around the corner at Big Thunder Ranch they had a carnival set up. There were little games and activities available for kids to play.


There was also a pumpkin decorator there (though he was on break when we came by so we didn't get to see him work). The intricacy and detail on these pumpkins was crazy. They're not just painted- they're carved into the flesh of the pumpkins. Seriously- just awesome.



They also had a tent called Conjur a villain. The outside of it was awesome all on its own- but when you went inside...


 There was a magic cauldron. Together we said a ridiculous chanting spell and a villain appeared! We did it twice... because it was awesome. Hahaha!


This little beauty  was right at the end of Mainstreet USA. Such a happy jack o'lantern.

These happy little pumpkins greeted us as we stood in line to enter the park. I just want to meet the person who sits around and designs this stuff. Seriously. Just so fun.



Surrounding the "Partners" statue, were these pumpkins- each a representative of each of the lands in the Magic Kingdom.



But by far- the coolest part of the Halloween decor was the changes to the Haunted Mansion. The Nightmare Before Christmas takes over. The ride is almost completely different. Even the stretching pictures in the opening hall are different. I couldn't get pictures of everything but I tried.



Even the hearse outside was cool. I don't know if it is a new thing, or if it was just the first time I noticed it- but you could hear the ghost horse munching on... whatever it is ghost horses munch on.






I may or may have not squealed like a little girl when we turned a corner and there stood the Pumpkin King himself.


The ride ends with Oogey Boogey- and then as you ascend back to the land of the living, Sally invites you to come back soon.


Seriously- if you've never been to Disneyland during a holiday- I totally recommend it. Next goal: Christmas.

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Amy said...

I know! Last year was our first time at Disneyland during the month of October and it was amazing! I have been dying to go back during October again and have been living vicariously through these posts!