Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Disney Leftovers

This post has been sitting in my drafts for weeks. I guess I should just finish it up and publish it. It'll probably be the last of the Disney pics for a while. Sorry.
I'm not entirely sure what happened with this trip- well.. that's not true... but I didn't take pictures for a "Where in Disney..." contest. If you remember from my Yellowstone trip, my camera is taking time off for sick leave. I borrowed my mom's camera and it doesn't zoom very well so I couldn't get any good detail photos. I thought about using these following photos for a contest- but it's been too long now- and I didn't bring a prize back with me anyway. Sorry guys. Won't happen again.
I thought that the popcorn turners were really funny. I've never really paid them any mind before- but there is a different one in every land. I don't know if there are more than these, but they are the only ones I saw.
The Yeti in between the Matterhorn and Small World. He's a lot cuter than the ones in the ride.
The Rocketeer! I was so happy to see this one! This is a great movie that has been kind of forgotten so the fact that they have this little nod in the park makes me happy. He's in Tomorrowland just outside Star Traders.

This little bloke was outside of Big Thunder Mountain. Not only does he have to pan for gold, he has to turn the popcorn.

This clown was right at the end of Main Street USA kind of by the Partners statue. He's a happy little fellow.

Sorry for the bad pic on this one- I was in a hurry. We were in New Orleans Square when my sister said, "look, that one's a pickle!" I had a good laugh at that as I took the picture of the Oogey Boogey Popcorn turner. I like to think this is his punishment for kidnapping the Sandy Claws.

The rest of these are the characters that we came across in the park. I really only try to get stuff I've never gotten before.  There was a little pre-parade with the Frozen. In fantasy land they have a little Frozen venue where you can meet Ana and Elsa, but the wait was like, an hour and half long- and as much as I would have liked to have met them, I didn't have that kind of patience. So the parade is the best I got.

When we first walked into California Adventure we met Oswald. He is one of the only characters I saw that day. I wonder if they weren't out because of how hot it was. This was the day it was 110 degrees. (seriously- I wish I was exaggerating, but for once in my life, I'm being completely accurate)

I know I have a bazillion pictures of Goofy, but I've never seen the characters in their Halloween costumes. It was just so darn fun! This was in the Halloween Carnival tucked behind Big Thunder Ranch.

Isn't Donald as a Jack o Lantern just about the cutest thing you've ever seen? Oh my goodness. The little kids were following him around and he had then all line up to play the carnival games (we joked that he was getting his ducks in a row).

On the stage at the carnival they had a magician come out and do a show. My sister got to be a part of it- but all the pictures on her camera. Anyway, it was totally amazing. I am the perfect audience for stuff like that because I am so totally clueless as to how they pull the tricks off. He kept saying "it's just an illusion" but when the little girl next to me asked how he did it, I just said, "it's magic" Seriously. He made little baby chickies appear out of no where! Oh my gosh it was awesome! and THEN he wrapped himself up in this banner... and turned into Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey!!!

They paraded around the carnival a little bit- with the fun tall scarecrows. Disney never does anything half way. This little show was just so awesome- the music, the performers... and there were only like, 10 people in there. *No one* knew about it!

Inside the Conjure a Villain tent, we met the Evil Queen. Oh my gosh. This was the best part of my day. Our conversation:

EQ: Oh, hello.
Me: (curtsy) Your Majesty.
EQ: (looking at my birthday pin) I see it's your birthday.
Me: Um... yes (it was the day before my birthday)
EQ: Is it really your birthday?
Me: Um... No?
EQ: Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies. I like you.

She was actually quite hilarious. She gave my sister a chat about who should be boss between the two of us. (You'd think it'd be the big sister... but really it's me)

After the magic show we went into the Villain tent again because we heard it was someone new.
In all my times in the park I have never met/seen (even in a parade) Maleficent! I was soooo excited!

I can't remember our conversation word for word- but she commented on my birthday and the fact that I was forced to wear pink... and with a rodent no less. Clearly I'd been forced to choose my clothes from the bottom of the rag pile. Hahaha!

I was so excited to meet her I forgot to show her my Maleficent purse. Oh well.. next time.

Another first for me in the park (and I'm sure most of these are only because it is Halloween time) was Jack Skellington and Sally.  Once again, the line was too long and I didn't have the time or patience to wait. So I just snapped a quick pic and we carried on.

I know I've already posted these... but really, I don't need much of an excuse to post pics of Thor and

sigh... Captain America. The Star Spangled Man with a Plan...

Call me an overgrown five year old, but meeting characters in the park is one of my favorite things! I can't wait to see who I meet next time!

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