Thursday, October 10, 2013


Suckers! You all thought it was about work, didn't you? Well- this is a self promotion- well, an anticipated self promotion.

This is concerning the VL Club (for you lay-persons- the Virgin Lips Club) of which I am a member.

At 25 I made myself president.
At 30 I made myself Queen
At 35 I was promoted to Empress.

I am just informing you now- that on my 40th birthday I will be promoted to Goddess of the VL club. I have a few more years to anticipate said event, but I just want you to start preparing yourselves now. There *will* be a birthday party- and it *will* have a Grecian theme and guests will arrive in togas and feed me grapes while fanning me with ostrich feather plumes.

You have four years to arrange your lives to be there and to get into your best toga fit self.

(because no one wants to come looking like this guy- although apparently he is the life of the party)

Heck, I may even have the party in Greece just to be more authentic. Or at least on the Mount Olympus in Utah. That's legit, right?

Seriously, like indoor plumbing- it's gonna be big!


Wendy Swore said...

I'll bring the grapes. Sounds like an awesome party. *wink*
Hope you had a good Bday, my friend. But...I thought we were 36?

Melissa Ann said...

Love It! I realizes that is what I post on every post but I really do love it!