Monday, October 13, 2014

Two Fails this week and it's only Monday

Today's fail:

This morning I had a 45 minute debate with myself about whether or not I should go to the gym. Eventually the gym won out- I slogged out of bed, got dressed- I even matched my socks to my shirt (is that dedication or what?) I got all my stuff together- and headed out...

...only to get to my gym to find it's been closed for remodel. I don't know where a good substitute gym is, so I went home, ate bowl of macaroni and cheese for breakfast and went back to bed.

Yesterday's fail:

Over the last few days I've had a couple of different people tell me that they grew up on a certain comfort food and how crazy was I for never having tried it!?! (or heard of it!). I've been on the lookout to widen my repertoire of what I cook for myself. It seemed like a pretty normal thing. I'm just even so embarrassed to tell you what it was. ugh. fine. Macaroni and cheese with chili. I love Mac and cheese and I like chili well enough- so I thought it could be a pretty fantastic combination. Did you notice that I said I *like* chili and not love? yeah- chili and I have a turbulent history but we're getting to be on better terms. Anyway, when I got home from work I just got out a regular ol blue box of mac and cheese- cooked it up the normal way (as per my instructions) and when it was done, I dumped a can of chili in it. From the first bite I knew it was a loser. You couldn't even taste the mac and cheese- it was basically just a big bowl of chili- but with some pasta thrown in to make it go farther. Remember how I said chili isn't my favorite? yeah- that was the most unsatisfying meal I think I've ever created for myself. To those of you who grew up on it- I'm so happy for you that you love it. But it is now clear to me that *your* idea of chili mac and *my* idea of chili mac are completely different things.

What a waste of a $.69 box of golden deliciousness... and a can of chili.

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