Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When I grow up I want to be a zebra

Today is my day off. It was wonderful to stay up till two in the morning reading- ahh... the good old days... I emerged from my basement tomb and found myself home alone! I sat on the couch in the sunshine to enjoy my book.  It's a gorgeous day outside.  The sun was shining through- but the blinds were pulled.  Open, but still across the window, creating striped shadows all over me.  No biggie, right? Not until one falls asleep in that light for an hour.  I think I now have a striped tan. Is that better than no tan at all? I'm not so sure.

Oh, it also doesn't help that my roots are starting to show through on this horrible hair color I am sporting. Sigh... Maybe I should just stay in my room, blogging and eating Holland Mints.


Camisetta said...

Did you dye your hair? I haven't seen you in forever it seems and I guess I didn't pay attention if it was dyed when we went to Bamboo!

Amy said...

No way you have a striped tan. The sun moves in the sky! Can you really get a tan from falling asleep with window shades pulled? I need photo evidence to believe this claim.

Bakeshow said...

I spend time in the sun- and my tan (or burn) doesn't show up till later. I was *afraid* I'd have a striped tan- but it didn't turn out to be so. :( good, but still it would have been funny.