Thursday, September 16, 2010

ABBA Mania

Who out there can think of a better cure for eight hours of mind numbing computer tutorials- than an evening with ABBA? (well, it was close, since the original group has no plans to get back together as far as I know). 

Tonight my sisters and a  bunch of friends had front and center seats to the ABBA Mania concert.  It was so stinking fun.  The only drawback was the geriatric crowd that was surrounding us.  Why people 70 and older thought they needed tickets to ABBA is beyond me.  They were so lame.  No one would clap or dance.  I got the look of death from one grandma when the guitarist (who looked suspiciously like David Spade) took the stage and I cheered for him.  I decided I didn't care.  We whooped and hollered and sang along with almost all of the songs. They sang a few I didn't know, but that was fun too.  The people behind us were glad to be sitting near fun people.  The two main singers were good.  The back-up girl reminded me strongly of someone I know.  (Vern, do you sometimes sport black spandex and sing ABBA tunes? I swear it was you I saw tonight)  It wasn't the most amazing concert I've ever been to.  They kept forgetting the words to the songs- probably not everyone noticed, but because I know the words- and could see their faces when they messed up- I could tell it wasn't on purpose.  But it was certainly the funnest concert I've ever been to. 

Yup, it out did all those house parties with local bands that I frequented every weekend in Provo. Now I just want to listen to the Mama Mia soundtrack and dance in my room... but sadly I'm now a working girl and have a bedtime.


Amy said...

They forgot some of the words? That is hilarious! But it sounds like so much fun. And whoop-di-whoop on starting the new job. That's exciting. Good luck!

Vern said...

If I had known you were going to be there I would have invited you backstage! :)