Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Book and the Rose

I saw this short film in between conference sessions today. I loved 99% of it and then the last five minutes made me so mad that I never want to see it again.  Here is the trailer for your enjoyment- It is good, so if you want to watch it without spoilers (though it's pretty predictable) don't continue reading the rest of this post.

The Book and the Rose (Trailer) from Jeff Bemiss on Vimeo.

***Here there be spoilers***

I love the basic romance of the story. Isn't it funny how it seems so romantic to meet someone and fall in love through letters, but people who meet on the internet are totally judged? You'd think it was the same thing, but I think snail mail is soooo much more romantic and if I can't meet someone the organic way, I'd want it to be through letters- not email.

Anyway, the thing that bugged me to no end about this movie- is at the very end, he shows up in the train station and sees a beautiful girl- he assumes it's her- but she's not wearing a rose.  Then he sees a lovely, yet bigger lady wearing the red rose that he's looking for.  He has second thoughts about meeting her. She's not "beautiful" like his imagined and therefore he thinks he can slip away without her knowing. To his credit he decides that no matter what she looks like, he loves her and he approaches the woman.  He finds out she's there to test him.  The woman directs him where to go to meet his pen pal- who is totally gorgeous, skinny and blond.  Fine.  I have nothing against skinny blonds, but why was the big lady used as a test? Who does that skinny freak think she is?  Thinking, "well if he is willing to love a fat lady then he must be a good guy"? That's total crap.  So any guy who is willing to overlook physical appearance is all the sudden worthy of a "more beautiful" woman? He'll be rewarded for his kindness? Nice message. Girls like me don't stand a chance.  We're a consolation prize.


Camisetta said...

Wow - super annoying. I won't watch that movie!

Matthew & Lisa said...

Honey, you are more than a consolation prize! It's Hollywood-ized, that's the problem! I've heard the story before, and in the case of the story, it was an old woman who was wearing the rose. Still not the greatest, but better. I love you!!!!!

Bakeshow said...

That's good. I momentarily lost respect for Max Lucado. I hoped it was a Hollywood addition. Makes me like Hollywood less...