Sunday, May 4, 2014

Play us a Song You're the Piano (Wo)man

Last time I went home to visit, I ran an errand with my sister. A simple errand. Nothing exciting. We had to stop by the music store to pick up some sheet music and rosin for her kid. No big deal right? Well, if any of you have ever been in a music store, you know they have a rule that you *have* to play one of the grand pianos. Seriously. They don't let you leave until you've played one. There are like, fifty to choose from. Some are shiny and black, some are cherry wood- they don't care which one you play, as long as you sit down and play one.

I haven't touched a piano in three years. and it's been even longer since I really REALLY sat down and played. We had a piano when I lived in Colorado, but the one I got was kind of a bummer to play because it was so old and mushy and out of tune. It was tinny sounding and just not fun. It was free- so I can't complain too loudly- but I really only got it for my roommate to play. She plays *much* better than I. 

Anyhoo, because I had to, while at this store with my sister, I sat down and started to play the song I've had memorized for... ohhh. 18 years. 

I choked. I totally, freaking choked! I could not make it through the first line of the song. I'd completely lost it. It was horrifying! I thought it would be like riding a bike- that I could just pick it up right where I left off. I've never been that great at playing the piano- but this one song was mine. The muscle memory was gone- I couldn't play! 

That afternoon when I got back to my parent's house, I sat down at their piano and tried to play a song. Nothing. I couldn't even read the music! I had to stop and count lines to figure out what the notes were. That was just sickening! So the next day, I went with my mother, shopped around a little and found a ridiculously amazing deal on an electric piano. It's not a keyboard- it's an electric piano. There is a difference. 

The only thing was they didn't have the stand in stock. So I came home with the piano, but since I didn't have a stand to put it on, I never opened the box. I didn't even open it to look at it and giggle over owning a piano. 

But today? Yeah, today I got the stand. I drove five hours from Boise, got home really late and still found time to sit in my living room and put it together!!!

I have a piano!!!

I still can't play worth a darn. Seriously, I was never really that good anyway- but I want to be able to at least be as good as I was when I used to be not as bad as I am now.

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