Saturday, September 7, 2013

The New Roommate

I told you the bad news about the dog. He found is proper owners and had to be returned. There was some sadness, a few tears (uhhh... not on my part) but we all knew it might happen so it wasn't as hard as I thought.

Not long after he was returned, the household kid decided she wanted another pet- but this time a cat. I am totally a cat person so I was on board with that from the get go. I only had to wonder what took them so long!

Last week I came home to this face.

How could anyone resist it?!? His name is Toby (I actually really like the name- and it suits him- but I wouldn't have chosen it because I have a cousin by that name and it's a little weird)

He's already found his happy place.

What? can't see him?

There he is!

Say Hello, Toby!

I'd forgotten what it's like- love at first site. Oh my goodness I love him. He purrs the second I touch him and gives the best cuddles. Sigh... I have missed having a kitty.


BDJPRICE said...

Hello Tiby. You are a handsome fellow. Welcome to your new home and roommates. Be sure to put the toilet seat down after use.:) he's a cutie, glad you have a bundle of furry friendliness to chat with.

BDJPRICE said...

Hello Toby......sheesh.

Cami said...

I love how he's just staring at the camera. Super cute!