Saturday, September 21, 2013

Soooo Bored

I am not a normal person. There is no one out there who will debate that- but just for now let me give you one of the many reasons.

Most people look forward to having time off work. Right now, I am not one of those people. I don't usually look forward to my weekends off. Isn't that crazy? I mean- I HATE working the weekends- but at least on those weekends I have something to do. On my weekends off, when I don't go out of town (and trust me, it gets expensive even just going home for a few days) I have absolutely nothing to do. Everything I want to do either involves eating or spending money. Mostly spending money on eating. I have no interesting hobbies- because everything I would be interested in doing costs money! and (dare I say it?) even after a while sitting around reading gets old (it's because I'm not reading anything interesting right now- there are times where all I do is eat and read and do without sleep for days on end).

Four days off in a row for most people would be a blessing. But for someone who has no life- it's a reaaaaaaaaally long time to sit around and do nothing. So many people tell me how lucky I am to have all this down time- and I am always telling them how much I hate it. Sure, if I had kids to chase and a house to keep up, it might be different to have some down time to myself. But when your whole LIFE is downtime... it gets a little tedious.

There isn't anything interesting enough to write about on my blog. I'm completely uninspired to write when I have time- and when I don't have time to write I have all the most amazing ideas for the perfect American Novel that is going to win me all kinds of prizes, be a best seller and make me a millionaire.

Pinterest has occupied me for more hours than I care to admit. My room needs to be mucked up- but that doesn't sound interesting. I have a lesson to teach tomorrow that I should probably plan. But that doesn't sound interesting either.

Half a carton of goldfish has already been consumed. I bought a big bag of M&Ms (for emergencies only) and it's gone. And now I really want to make the cinnamon roll waffles I saw on Pinterest. But that would A. require me to put a face on to go out into public. B. go out into public. and C. spend money.

The original plan was to go to Boise this weekend and attend the Scottish festival- but that didn't happen for well... reasons. I should have gone anyway. My cute babies are there. I could have gone home I guess- but I'm going home in a couple of weeks anyway- plus taking a road trip next week and that's just a lot of time in the car alone. Plus I'd already said I'd teach this stupid lesson for Sunday School. sigh...

So don't mind me. I'm just going to sit here and pout. I don't know what I'm pouting about. I'm pouting because I'm bored. And poor. but mostly bored.

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