Sunday, September 1, 2013

In which Tina gets her own post... sort of

This week someone that I love dearly made a big decision and a BIG commitment.

I met Tina while living in Denver. She was post Singles Ward but still friends with everyone there so I got to hang out with her a lot. I liked her instantly. She's very snarky and sarcastic (sound familiar?) and very, very funny. She dances to her own drummer and I just think she's a kick in the pants (how many 30 somethings do you know that bring their knitting to dinner? or to a game night? or bowling?).

Here is a photo journal of our friendship:

We met not long before this. This was Relay for Life 2007- in fact, this might have been when I first officially met her. Awwww... July 2007

This was our first group trip to Colorado Springs for the Hot Air Balloons. 
Labor Day September 2007

You can't truly say you've lived in Denver until you eat at Casa Bonita. 
August 2008

Our friend, Carol wanted everyone to try an authentic Chinese lunch- so she took us to her favorite place. Tina was very brave and tried the chicken feet...

I think she liked it- what do you think? She said it was like biting off baby fingers. umm... eww. 
September 2008

She helped me turn 31!!  Look at those TARTS!
October 2008

And was one of my wing men at my first Single Adult activity.
March 2009

Hey! here we are again- another Labor Day! 
September 2009

We got into fisticuffs at the Coors Factory. 
March 2010

It wasn't long after this that I moved to Idaho- and then to Utah so I didn't get to see her very much. But a couple of years ago she and Desiree came to see me in Salt Lake.

They came for Halloween so I bought them costume gift packs.

and we got locked in the Salt Lake City Cemetery
October 2011

Not long after that, she HAD to go and meet this guy:

and he stole her heart away and they decided that marriage was the way to go.

This week was the week. We all met in Moab for the big event. I got to spend a little time just me and the bride before all the wedding chaos took over. We went for wedding manicures.

Hers are nude and mine are clear- but trust me, they looked good. 

We hung out at her parent's house and played wedding hair practice.

... that was, of course after Andrew left- making sure to give a smooch without peeking at the dress.

She worked on her knitting... knitting his wedding socks. She had to hurry because they weren't done and the wedding was only hours away!

But we made her go out for a drink anyway. We walked in right as the Brewery closed- but we told them she was getting married. The root beer was good- but the attitude of the server was not. I guess I can't blame her. When it's closing time, I want to go home too. But still... You can't see it- but she was also knitting at the table.

The next day... well, that's the first day of the rest of her life!

Ugh. They're so cute it's rather disgusting. But I couldn't be happier for her. She really did find an awesome guy. I'm sure they'll both be extremely happy.

then again...

No- ok, they probably will.

Congratulations Tina and Andrew!

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