Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Take Me out to the Beeeees Game....

I'm on this new kick that I need to make friends and get out of the house once in a while. Weird, right?

A couple of weeks ago at work they started advertising the summer work party. I usually don't go because they always seem pretty family oriented (bouncy castles and whatnot) so I don't go. But this year they decided to take us all downtown to see the local Minor League Baseball game!

I didn't even know Salt Lake had a team anymore! Tickets were really cheap and it was for admission to the game and to a special dinner for employees. I tried to get a seat near some of my co-workers but because I bought my ticket at a different time I didn't get the same row. It turned out just fine because I was right in front of them and it's easier to sit in a group than in a line anyway.

I was planning to take TRAX which was really scary because I've never taken it here before. I mean- I've been on lots of trains- but not these ones. I thought the flier said we had to be there at 5:30 so I hopped on the 5:15 train thinking I'd get there a little before six-ish. I didn't want to be the weirdo who showed up super early. No such luck. I guess they don't even open the doors until 6:00 and the train was a lot faster than I planned.

So there I was, this lone loser standing in front of the first base entrance. I was going to stand around and wait for a face I knew to go in with- but soon after the doors opened, hunger won out and I entered and found our food pavilion. I was staaaaaaaaaarving. I was so busy working on other stuff all day that I never had time to eat more than a handful of goldfish crackers and a bowl of grapes. I ate the best hot dog I think I've ever had (either that or I was sooo hungry it just tasted really good) and was eventually joined by some coworkers.

After we ate, we found our seats and waited for the game. Long story short- the Bees lost. By a lot. But it was still so much fun. I haven't laughed that much in a really long time! We had a running joke that if the Bees lost I'd have to move tomorrow because the last baseball game I went to was the Rockies game the day before I moved from Denver- and they lost that game. So I really wanted them to win because I just don't have time to move tomorrow. I guess I'd better start packing.

Ana and her daughter Kristina were a riot. They were so much fun to be around and I'm pretty sure they think I am an absolute nut job now. I had been telling a really long story- and by the end of it was so thirsty I was about to die. Ana was nice enough to buy me a lemonade. But either that lemonade was pure sugar- or she laced it with something because after that I became a maniac. I was allllll over the place. It was the old Bakeshow times seven. It was crazy. But we all had so much fun!

Megan and Yumi came about halfway through the game. It was fun to be with my single girls! Yeeeah!  And to cap off the night- we caught (I say "we" because the ball bounced around a lot and we all had a hand on it at one time... and some other things... sorry Megan- totally didn't mean to get fresh with you) a foul ball. Yumi's son got to keep the ball! He was so excited!!!

Ana was taking the picture and she kept saying, "You're not smiling- you're not smiling!" So I smiled as big as I could and said, "I'm smiling! Take the freaking picture!" and this is what we got.

On the TRAX ride home, I just got the inner giggles at the people I was riding with. I was the only girl as far as I could tell on the train. One guy was so intense in conversation about Star Wars- that he totally missed his stop. The other one was talking about how he gets his licence back in January. He lost it for 18 months (my guess is DUI... anyone else have a guess?) He had his crappy bike with him because his good bike was stolen (probably while he was drunk). And the old man sitting behind me started scratching like he had fleas. At that point I leaned forward as far as I could without falling out of my seat and just hoped the ride would end soon.

The sugar high lasted till about the 8th inning and then it slowly started ebbing away. The crash hit somewhere around the 9th. I was ready to go- but we'd stayed that long- might as well finish the game. You can see in the pictures how many people were there at first and after every inning more and more people left. I"m glad I stayed. It was a really fun night and I'm excited to hang out with them all again!

Hooray for making friends and having a life!!!

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