Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friendly Persuasion

I'm almost afraid to say this- things in my life are actually starting to look up a little! (I HOPE I didn't just jinx myself!)

For the last two years I've been whining and complaining that I don't have any friends- that I don't have a life. Finally FINALLY I'm starting to get one! Woohoo! I'm not surrounded by dozens like I was in Idaho and Colorado- but for now- a few friends at a time, I'll take it.

I reflected back on the other changes in my life and how long it took me to adjust to things. When I was 21 I moved to Provo, Ut. I was friends with my roommates, but not hang-out-go-clubbing-with-them friends. It was probably 6 or so months (after we got booted from our first apartment- that's a funny story I'll have to tell someday) before I started to make my own friends. Up till then I'd kind of relied on them for friends.

When I got home from my mission all my friends were married and having babies so I kinda had to start over. Again, it was almost a year before I made friends. That time I had school and an awesome singles ward to help me out- but I had the awkward Returned Missionary mentality for a while.

When I moved to Colorado, I moved in with a friend who'd already lived there for a while, but she hadn't met many people so I couldn't join her group of friends already in progress. It took me a full 8 months before I really got to know anyone in the ward there- and I owe it all to volleyball! Volleyball saved my life in Colorado. Seriously.

And now- moving here nearly two years ago, it's taken me longer than I thought it would, but I'm finally getting comfortable calling people and setting up lunch or dinner dates. I even went to a movie with a friend a couple of weeks ago! I didn't have to go alone! How awesome is that?! I'm being exposed to other cultures, religions and foods and rather enjoying that. Everyone is so different it's really fun.

Everyone is always so surprised that it takes me so long to make friends. Yes- I'm a friendly person (mostly- don't tell the boys at work that, they'd never believe you), but I'm also very reserved at first. I don't like making false friends and I'd much rather have quality over quantity. I'm very choosy about who I spend my time around.

I think that if ever I get to have my own place, it will move along even faster because I'll feel more comfortable inviting people over and organizing game nights and stuff. Ya know? I like to host parties- but you can't host when you don't have anyone to invite- or a place to invite them to. But someday. It's getting nearer and nearer every day. I hope. There's some big things happening this week- so keep your fingers crossed. I'll let you know if it's good news- because I just don't think I could bear to report the bad.

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