Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Lovin' had me a blaa-aast...

Now that I have that stuck in your head-

Let me share with you my favorite highlights of the summer (it's not entirely over [I hope I hope I hope] but with the desire to buy school supplies and new clothes it feels like it maybe coming to an end)

  • Going to Disneyland. Well, duh.

I would post more about this- but you've already seen enough, I'm sure.
  • Going to the Payson Scottish Festival
Umm... hello! Men in kilts as far as the eye can see and bagpipe music constantly floating through the air? Yes please!

  • The fact that I *finally* have a tan line on my feet- which means I was outside for more than five seconds!
I don't have a picture- it's not dark enough to photograph- and I'm afraid to take a shower just in case it washes off and isn't really a tan line at all!

  • Seeing my Jessica and eating the most wonderful Indian food in Pocatello!

 Seriously- this place is soooooooo yummy. Either that or I just don't get out to Indian food often enough to compare. But I'm seriously already craving going back.

  • Also- I just happened to be at home for the Chubbuck Scottish Games
So I got to see it TWICE (sadly, no bagpipes at that one though- it wasn't a festival, just the games in conjunction with the town's yearly... party? toilet paper parade? reason to tear up the park and spread candy to people on the side of the street like they're tossing feed to chickens? (any town that has a town celebration that only lasts till three in the afternoon... well... I'll stop there. Yay for my hometown :-/ )
  • Laying out on the trampoline watching shooting stars and talking about boys with my 16 year old niece

and it wasn't just her talking- I shared my own idiocies (incidentally, how many times does it take telling yourself you do *not* have a crush on someone before you actually believe it?) and frustrations. We didn't talk about just boys. We talked about life in general and the total unpredictability of it. I try not to be a downer when I talk to my nieces- but I do try to be real like I wish someone had been real with me.
  • And finally- getting to spend some time with my super cute baby nephews.
I just can't tell you what good boys they are. They're just so sweet and they don't throw tantrums (often) and they just play so well together and are so freaking CUTE! Not that my other niecephews aren't cute too- but I see them a lot more often than these two little ones so it was special to get to spend extra time with them.


For someone who has complained that she hasn't done anything this summer- It's been a pretty good summer. :) I guess I can't complain too loudly. There were other fun highlights- seeing my friend, Heather and catching up with other friends from far, far away- so don't you all feel left out now! You contributed to making great memories!

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