Friday, June 21, 2013

Disney Characters

It's only been a week and I'm already suffering Disney withdrawals. I thought of something I wanted to buy today and thought, "I'll just run over to Downtown Disney and pick it up." Then I remembered I don't live near Disneyland. That's just sad. We DO have a Disney Store, but that's not the same.

So, I'll post some pictures to remind myself of happier times.

PS- I looked like crap all week long. I don't know why- I think it was the hair gel I was using or something, because I seriously look like poo in all these pictures (I don't mean Pooh, and I'm not fishing for compliments. I'm posting these pictures out of love for you- because I don't normally post unflattering pictures of myself).

Most of these characters are those that I have never met before (a few exceptions). They all seemed a little reluctant to have a giant grown up five year old take pictures with them. Most of them grabbed onto the nearest kid and held on for dear life when the picture was being taken. Whateves. I can still say I have pictures with them now.

We started out at Goofy's Kitchen. Of course we got the obligatory photo with Chef Goofy.

Minnie was so cute. She personally escorted us to our table.

I had never met Mulan before- so this was fun.

Trying to be tough? I dunno. Don't ask.

This was just too cute not to post. My Aunt and my Sister.

Strictly speaking this Lego Hulk is not a character- BUT it was funny.  

As I posed for the picture, a guy walked by and said, "hey, I see a family resemblance!" 

This is me thanking him. 

I'd never seen the White Rabbit, so I was excited to meet him. I told him I had to go though, because I was late. 

I'd never seen the Red Queen of Hearts either. I yelled "Off with her head!" she applauded me and then made me curtsy.

All the times I've been to Disneyland, I've never gone to Pixie Hollow. But when your group has a little girl with you (I went with boys last year) you HAVE to go. So I got to meet Faun. (I've read the book but I haven't seen the movies... perhaps I should watch them.)

We also got to meet Tinkerbell. I've seen her in parades and stuff, but never out for people to meet. It was kind of cute.

Ok, THIS is where I get embarrassing. The first day (if you'll notice the above picture) we all wore T-shirts of our favorite princesses and matching crowns (thank you Melanie). My favorite princess is Rapunzel. So we stood in line to meet her, and she was a little weirded out that I wanted my picture with her but she liked my shirt and complimented my purple crown.

When we were in California Adventure, just outside the Midway Mania ride, we ran into Jesse.

We were the last people to get to meet her before she left, but she was immediately replaced by Buzz.

She gave him a quick kiss as they traded places. Darn it that I didn't have my camera out and ready! It was so cute! 

In Toontown we met Mickey at his house. 

And in Cars Land Lightning, Mater and Red were out for the kids to meet and talk to. And they really talked. It was super cute (only I don't think Red actually speaks- but I never got close enough).

I always feel a little bit silly meeting characters because I'm supposed to be a grown up, but I just think it's so fun.  You're only as old as you feel, and I have maintained for years that I am just an overgrown five year old. :)

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