Friday, November 9, 2012


I've been sick all week. I've called into work twice- and spent my days off in bed, not moving much further than the kitchen- and only when necessary.

Here are some of the images that you'd most likely see if you came to see me right now (which I would not advise) [please note that none of these pictures are mine- because that would mean actually getting up, taking pictures and then downloading them to my computer- two things I can't be bothered to do today. You're lucky you're even getting this much.]

Soup. Mine didn't look this good- and I couldn't really taste it... but I ate it anyway.

My box of snot rags is never too far from my side...

... nor is my arsenal of medications. None of which really seem to work. I still can't breath and I still feel like I've been hit by a truck. But I'm afraid I'd feel still worse if I tried to NOT take them- so I take them anyway.

This is laundry day.  So you can bet your booty it's not getting done. Awesome.

It snowed today- so that means I get to break out my cocomotion and make somefrothy. super hot, hot chocolate (the ONE good thing about winter).

Tomorrow I go back to work. I have to or I'll get another occurrence. I never EVER call in sick- and yet I have some co-workers who call in every time. One unfortunate girl seems to have all her family members die on holidays and weekends. Shame. But I don't have the conscience to call in. When I do call in- I spend my entire day feeling guilty, no matter how sick I actually am. Oh well. Guess it's good that I work in a place where everyone already claims to be sick.

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Carolyn Nielson said...

LMBO... hmm I wonder who you could be talking about. You crack me up! I heart your face!