Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm gonna Gobble Gobble you up!

Wow... That post title seems a little... I dunno- Freddy Kruger? Weird.


There is another holiday coming up! I'm starting to feel all holiday-ish inside. And bored. So I perused Pinterest for a project (Yikes... sorry, did I just spit in your eye?) and came up with this little beauty.

Super easy- my little six year old cousin had a blast helping me (that is- when she could tear her attention away from Barbie and Pop Star--- but who can blame her? I watched it too. Good music).

Double Stuf Oreos. Malt Balls, Peanut butter cups and candy corn, some melted chocolate chips for glue, and whatever you have around for eyes (I used sprinkles. Seriously- had my tweezers out and everything- it was intense)

While we're on the topic of sweet treats- when I went to the store today, I wandered down the snack cake isle. Empty Shelves. It almost made me cry. It made the realization that today's Hostess announcement might not be a ploy.

Hostess has saved my life (almost literally) (ok... not really) on several road trips and early mornings. All of us have fond memories relating to these snacks. Seriously. You can't tell me that you don't have one fond memory that revolves around a Hostess treat.

I would like to have a moment of silence for some of our favorite snacks.

Hostess with the mostess- You can't leave me!!!