Monday, November 12, 2012

Dream On...

 I had the sweetest/saddest dream the other day. I don't remember all the particulars but I'll to my best.

My friend Wendy died in a car accident- which was horribly tragic and I sobbed for ages. Then fast forward- I was making her husband's wedding cake for his next wedding which I thought was happening all too soon- but who am I to judge?

Then there was another part where I was a school teacher and I shared a classroom with two other teachers, both of whom were amazingly beautiful- tall, svelt women who had bodies of beach volleyball players- anyway, then there was dumpy ol' me. There was a man in our classroom- I dont know what he was doing there. He was trying to pose as a student, but he was obviously closer to my age than that of a student.

All the kids were going on a field trip to go shopping for clothes for the beautiful teachers. I decided to stay behind and write. I had a small notebook, It had the kind of paper that has flower petals engrained in the paper. It was pink and I was writing with a silver pen and I was writing about Wendy's death and Mike's second wedding, when I noticed this man-student sitting in the classroom just staring at me. 

"Why aren't you on the feild trip?" I asked.

He replied, matter of factly, "I'd rather just be near you."  uhhh... ok.... I thought, and kept on writing, and he kept on staring. I tried to ignore him.  Each time I looked up, he'd moved his chair a little bit closer to me till finally he was within several inches.

"Why do you want to be near me? Wouldn't you rather be with the beautiful people?" I asked this as I was looking down at my notebook,almost afraid to look at him. when I finally did look up at him to get an answer, his face was within inches of mine- it nearly took my breath away to have him so close but I refused to look away and appear a coward.

He said, "I AM with the beautiful person" I just sat in stunned silence for a minute- not able to look away from his amazing root beer brown eyes.

"Who are you, really?" I asked. He told me in a whisper- so soft I can't remember what he said. It was something heroic- he worked for some agency that did something super noble and I was so impressed that the next thing I knew I had leaned in and kissed him. It was the sweetest, softest kiss and I remember thinking- this is the first kiss I've always dreamed of.

sigh..................... if only.

Ok, Not to ruin the moment- But I was looking for a picture of a "first kiss" on Google- and the first thing that popped up was a wiki-how article about "how to kiss!" HAHAHAHA!!! You really can learn anything on the Internet!


Wendy Swore said...

Gasp! I died! Well I do have strep throat, and I was pretty miserable this weekend. (I'm still on drugs. Woo! Woo!) but I had no idea it was that bad. Glad someone told me.

And as for the super sexy secret agent man, woo wee! Glad you smooched him. What a fun dream. (except for the me dying part)

Soo.... did you see Mike's new wife? Was she a hag? Er- I mean, nice?

Melissa Ann said...

Wow Heather that is amazing!